So Windows silently restarted while I was away and I lost about 5 or 6 notes, each in a separate window in Notepad

I only have myself to blame

@urso oh my god, you *also* do this?

I have so many better text editors that autosave, but... I always just use notepad. What is wrong with me

@lukegb the reason for me is old habits. I tried to keep notes in a centralized place but I always end up with some small complaint and go back to offline (sublime text being the second favorite)

@urso @lukegb I frequently use Alfred to fire off the phrase “note” to open my default note app, as well. It’s wild.

@furioursus @lukegb just googled, it's similar to rofi on Linux or the Windows search (I believe?)

I find Evernote and Onenote overly complex for what I do, Simplenote is a mess for me(much prefer separating notes in folders _as well as_ tagging them)

@urso Ooof, I'm sorry :( I know the feeling, and that *sucks*.

@thiccdad not trying to shift the blame, but WHY THE FUCK does an OS decide to silently restart and force all applications to close is beyond me

@urso You're not the first and you won't be the last to lose work because of decisions like that; yet somehow they really want to push that behaviour despite how much trouble it creates.
They should at least make all their built in programs know how to restore state after a forced reboot (although this is just a band-aid, and wouldn't work for everyone).

@urso I'm pretty sure you have forced updates to blame, but the economy does thrive on users blaming themselves for blatant and intentional design flaws.

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