Say I want to use a proper app to write and synchronize notes across many devices: Windows, Linux, Android. I'd rather not use a browser. It should allow me to oganize stuff using folders and tags. What are my options besides Evernote?

so I think my memory of OneNote was based solely on the mobile apps. Why does the Windows app allows me to write wherever I click?

Also, Evernote desktop has trouble authenticating with Google

off to a good start, I see

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I've been postponing setting up a nextcloud instance of my own. I'll try using it with this plugin and, if all else fails, I'll just write notes on a local folder then sync it up a la dropbox

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okay so this took longer than expected. Spent 1h~1.5h trying to get nginx to talk with php-fpm when in the end it was SELinux that was the problem

so now I can run php files but I installed php 5.x, while nextcloud requires 7.x. Damn you, CentOS's packages :|

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Last update on this: it is awesome. There are specific mobile apps but I just edit the files using a regular editor 👌

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@grosours yeah, I prefer not to have rolling release on a server. I'm fine with CentOS but to my knowledge I never had to setup a php project, hence the bumps in the road

I _almost_ switched to Ubuntu LTS, but things are alright now :)

@urso you have php7 in the vault . I think you should have a way to add such a repo in your repo list.

@grosours yeah, I managed to fix that shortly after I wrote that post, it's all good now :)

@urso Yes. I use one-note at work.

Click. Type. Saves instantly.

@urso There's simplenote too. In the past I had a bad time with it (duplicated docs), but I suspect to this day it was the fault of the program I was using to access it (just a notes app that interfaced with simplenote's API).

@thiccdad I think I mentioned simplenote elsewhere. Despite me using Notepad, I find simplenote - wait for it - too simple and couldn't keep my shit organized

this is my fault, not the tools, but I really prefer something that allows me to organize stuff in folders first, then tag them

@urso That's fair! I also found it wasn't very good for my needs, but I still don't have a proper tool to keep extensive notes organised and accessible in multiple platforms (I only keep a TiddlyWiki locally on my desktop, with its data files synced to my laptop using SyncThing).

I hope you can find a good solution that fits your needs :)

@thiccdad on Linux I keep notes (I only use some really light markdown) on a git repo. Tried org-mode, but it pretty much ties me to emacs.

The simplest option that will surely work is just sync that folder on dropbox or whatever and use whatever editor to edit them. I used to do that, many years ago when I was in college, until Dropbox ate one edit I made

I'll try it again, now with nextcloud and see how it goes

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