Say I want to use a proper app to write and synchronize notes across many devices: Windows, Linux, Android. I'd rather not use a browser. It should allow me to oganize stuff using folders and tags. What are my options besides Evernote?

so I think my memory of OneNote was based solely on the mobile apps. Why does the Windows app allows me to write wherever I click?

Also, Evernote desktop has trouble authenticating with Google

off to a good start, I see

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I've been postponing setting up a nextcloud instance of my own. I'll try using it with this plugin and, if all else fails, I'll just write notes on a local folder then sync it up a la dropbox

okay so this took longer than expected. Spent 1h~1.5h trying to get nginx to talk with php-fpm when in the end it was SELinux that was the problem

so now I can run php files but I installed php 5.x, while nextcloud requires 7.x. Damn you, CentOS's packages :|

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Last update on this: it is awesome. There are specific mobile apps but I just edit the files using a regular editor 👌

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@grosours yeah, I prefer not to have rolling release on a server. I'm fine with CentOS but to my knowledge I never had to setup a php project, hence the bumps in the road

I _almost_ switched to Ubuntu LTS, but things are alright now :)

@urso you have php7 in the vault . I think you should have a way to add such a repo in your repo list.

@grosours yeah, I managed to fix that shortly after I wrote that post, it's all good now :)

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