Thinking about hosting a bear.comm scuttlebutt hub. Anyone interested?

@grosours scuttlebutt is a decentralized social network but not like Mastodon, so each person's data is their own (i.e. they install a program in their computers). A hub is simply a place to find and connect with other users

@grosours I'm going to take a shot at it this weekend, then

@urso @grosours What the hell, just downloaded two client apps from f-droid and gonna give it a go one of these days.

@raindog469 @grosours Nice! I already have an account after downloading the Windows client. I'm going to focus on the hub tonight or so and I'll let you all know

@urso @grosours Not a fan of manyverse so far... The "write these 48 words down on paper to recover your account" thing (combined with the app disabling screenshots) tells me it's encrypting my own stuff on my phone. If I wanted my stuff encrypted on my own device, I'd be running whole-device encryption. I'll check out another app to see if that's a "feature" of the protocol. (Knowing I can never delete a post is also an enormous turn-off, though, and that's baked into the protocol.)

@raindog469 @grosours I hear ya. I'm not familiar with manyverse, since my intention is to run it on my laptops mostly, but my belief is that once I put it on the internet, I no longer can fully control it, so knowing I can't delete it (because it is copied to peers' accounts) seems like a fair tradeoff to me - like e-mail, if you will.

@raindog469 @grosours what I still need to research is, when I connect to another pub, is scuttlebutt going to send all my data to there as well? And will it send my peers' data too? If it does, then that's a huge no-go to me. Me sharing my own public data I can understand, but of my friends too, hmmmmmm no thanks

@raindog469 @grosours to expand on it, my views on sharing and privacy mirrors what scuttlebutt already implements through its protocols:

I'm fine with this. The current plan is to have an invite-only pub where people have to ask for invites (so it'll be a closed community) and a SSB room with free access so people can find each other when they're online

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