I don't need it.

But damn that pinebook pro looks fun... In a weird sense I can't really explain

@urso It looks fun, but about double the price that something based on a Rockchip ought to be, from where I sit.

Seems like someone ought to have a laptop enclosure for the Raspberry Pi. They have tablet screens and keyboards, but you'd think a significant enough chunk of the ~12 million Pi users would at least be tempted to use it as a laptop. I wrote a whole Python-based 10-foot UI on my Pi 2 taped to the back of a TV. My UI sucked, but it was a fine dev environment and the Pi 3's better.

@raindog469 yeah, I have a rpi here, it's fun but to me part of the appeal of the pinebook pro is that it's the form factor of a thin and light laptop. It actually looks a lot like a macbook air, which I'm sure is no accident

for what they're offering, I think 200 bucks is a fair price to ask... but I really have no reason to have one

@urso Oh, yeah, aesthetics in equipment are usually completely lost on me. I'm still sore that I never got my tiny laptop that was also a phone, and the first thing I do when I get a new phone is stick it in a big, boxy, padded, ”throw it at a brick wall and it'll be fine” case. It irks me to no end that computing devices have more design input from visual designers than nerds due to their increased popularity, leaving ugly but more functional devices all but extinct.

@raindog469 I think we're alike in this regard. I have a super thin phone that doubled in thickness the moment it got on my hands. Bought a sturdy UAG case that I love but most people seem to think it's ugly and pointless. I like how thinkpads (at least the ones that I know, haven't been keeping up with their releases) favour function over form to a large degree

@raindog469 but I think there are still cases for a thin and light device. My thinkpad is quite thick, I haven't replaced it for two reasons: one, it still performs quite well and still has a lot of mileage. Two, whatever I get as a replacement will likely have soldered ram slots and sacrifice one too many ports.

The pinebook is thin and cheap, so I think that offsets its shortcomings (except maybe processing power, but ymmv)

@urso I hear you on the thinkpad. I've had two (one I bought myself 15 years ago before my husband's health plummeted, and my current work laptop) and they've been my favorites by far. The new one has a port that's supposed to be both USB-C and thunderbolt, but the only way I can connect my new USB-C Pixel 3a to it is through an old USB to type C cable to one of its legacy ports, sigh. I can only hope they'll continue to make durable powerhouses with aesthetics a tertiary concern at most.

@urso (And I kept that old thinkpad long past the end of its lifespan... despite the visible footprint on the screen from when I'd been working in bed the night before he died and leaned it against the bed as I always did. The undertakers knocked it over and stepped on it while carrying him out. It was great to finally replace it, but unfortunately all I could afford by then was a thin, light Dell that wasn't half as powerful or a quarter as durable, so it was a big step down.)

@raindog469 sorry to hear about your husband. this talk motivated me to search for used laptops around town. My sister happens to be looking for something she can carry around and bring to college, and I found a place that reconditions thinkpads and HP business models, and has a good reputation. They're selling a x230 for about 215 USD with a 6 month warranty, i5, 4gb ram and 500-something HDD... seems tempting.

I'll drop by the store any other day to see it in person, but do you recommend it?

@urso @raindog469 I know thinkpads are very good hardware but are very hard to find here at my place so if you can find any of them, go for it.

@grosours @raindog469 right? Even if the X isn't available the store seems to get X and T models fairly frequently

@urso I had an x-series and loved it, but that was actually the one with the footprint, one of the last under the IBM name. (X41 I think, it was an early tablet convertible that needed a special pen, I drew my cat once and immediately wrote it off as a useful drawing tablet.) I wouldn't try running Windows 10 on 4GB, but Lubuntu or something similarly light ought to get the job done. I ran regular Ubuntu on mine back then.

@raindog469 no Windows, I'm going to buy myself some peace and put Linux for the sis. Not sure which os, but that is of lesser importance for now... As long as she gets a browser with access to Google docs and one note/Evernote, she'll be fine.

@raindog469 ram is also upgradeable, so if we find out it's not enough we can get some more. Damn I'm really excited for this x230

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