Why didn't anyone tell me that DuckDuckGo had a !-bang thingy for searching for MtG cards?

Gatherer is AWFUL, so I'm glad that whoever implemented this chose to use

@urso it was written in DDG docs since many years. so you're a DDG !-bang virgin too...

@grosours I am, unfortunately :( Now I'm kind of addicted to it. So many useful !-bangs, it's mad useful

on the other hand, the search results aren't as good as Google's, but I think the trade-off is worth it

@urso many !-bangs... seem like a !-gangbang 😏

@urso @grosours That is exactly why ddg is still my default search engine on everything. A third of the time their results necessitate adding a !g or !whatever, but I can actually do that, vs. on the other guys where it's deal with them treating me like a stupid human with their unhelpful suggestions I can't dismiss (NO I DIDN'T MEAN "PEARL" YOU DUMB-ASS FUCKING AI, I'M A CODER) or start over on another site.

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