So to folks who don't separate your lewd profiles from your real persona, how do you deal with it? Ever had problems or inconveniences at work or whatever?

Been considering connecting this profile to my real life etc for a while now

@urso Here's the thing: I was posting to Usenet about all the gay sex I was having, in intimate detail and most of it very kinky, from like 1987 to 1991 or whenever the bots started taking over. I used my real full name, my real email and street addresses, my real phone number. Naivete. Most of that has remained searchable by those who know how to search. So I don't go to work in leather or anything like that, but I've never felt I had a choice about being up-front regarding my sexuality.

@raindog469 @urso I use a photo of myself on any account. I don't care if someone find any of them online. I don't speak about my sexuality (and about myself more generally) at work so none knows who I am. I don't care about it because I live in a country where I'm free to be queer and to have same sex intercourse without being killed, lobotomized, jailed or ashamed. I have a body shape and a voice which intimidate a large part of people around me if they tend to be aggressive or manipulative

@raindog469 @urso but maybe the fact that I'm not treated equally like others at work, comes from such an openness but I don't have any argument to prove it

@grosours @raindog469 thank you both for that. I think that I am, like @grosours, quite reserved about myself, even among most friends. I also have a somewhat intimidating body size and face, so people don't often talk smack directly to me

I'll sit this one out to think for a little longer

@urso @raindog469 whatever you choose to do, you have to stay comfortable with it. no need to rush. and I offer you all my support. hugs 🐻 ❤️

@urso @grosours I'm definitely in the withdrawn yet physically imposing category, too. I won an award for "quietest bowler" the last time I tried to take part in a group activity. It's just online in my late teens to early twenties that I did some oversharing online with all my personal info attached. At leather events, I'm always the hulking figure in the corner, not talking to anyone, because I've been asocial and faking it my whole life. Still get laid, though, sometimes.

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