The demo for Dragon Quest XI for the switch is one of the best things they could have done for the game. I was on the fence about buying yet another 50+ hour turn-based game (and I haven't played another DQ in perhaps a decade or more), but having a multi-hour demo where you can transport the save to the actual game afterwards convinced me to buy it

it's quite chill to play, and there's a fair amoun of humour in there too. The right game for me atm 👌

@urso I'll have to look into it I'm a bit drained on turn based at the moment from having done 3 playthrus of Fire Emblem Three Houses, but another friend told me DQ XI was quite good

FH3H (light) spoilers 

@thatkrazypup21 curiously, Fire Emblem was the very reason why I was hesitant to get Dragon Quest XI, but the game does a lot to streamline things that I think should be just mandatory for every turn-based game from now on

you can see all monsters on the overworld and you always run faster than them

you can choose what which character should focus on in battle

these two alone cut out much of what I usually complain in these games

@urso that's awesome. I'll def check it out. Though I'm really into ESO right now.

FH3H (light) spoilers 

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