On the upside the company I'm at has been forced to go full remote and there's a great chance I'll be able to keep that privilege after the pandemic.

But right now my team is trying to emulate physical presence while staying remote... this means being connected to a voice chat with the team at all times, and synchronous communication is the rule

it'll be a while before I get some time to properly focus

@urso they wanted us staying voice connected today. just the second day of remote. as if I had to wear my headphones and plug a jack at home too. I didn't follow the notice and did my work. uploaded code files at the end of the day. 🖕

@grosours this has happened to me three times now on different occasions. Personally, I learned to suggest and stop caring, two out of three times nothing came out of it and I had to join voice chat

in the current case my manager is understanding of my preferences so I'm somewhat free to ignore most things

@grosours it's just so advantageous to do conversations in writing for the most common things... I can refer to it later, we all have history and it doesn't disrupt me

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