I've handed my Wii U over to my younger siblings a few months ago. Now with a bunch of Wii games sitting on my shelf (they're too young to enjoy) and a broken gamecube, I wonder if a Wii is worth the investment... I'd have to purchase a HDMI adapter too, but I don't know how it handles GC games

@urso The earlier models of Wii have everything the GameCube has hardware wise except for the connector on the bottom to use the GBA adapter. I used my GameCube controllers with the Wii all the time, sometimes even in Wii games that allowed it. Still got 2 Wiis here, since the optical drive on the first one died and it became purely a hacking toy.

Boy, was the Wii U a disappointment after that, but we love the Switch so much we might get a second one for multiplayer. It's that, PC, or nothing.

@raindog469 the switch is amazing, indeed! I'm even thinking of buying games I already have on other platforms for it (Xenoblade Chronicles on the 3DS and Tokyo Mirage Sessions on the Wii U)

Back then I bought the Wii U more for the Wii games, and for the chance to play Windwaker HD and Xenoblade Chronicles X (both games I already have). Now that the console is away and my GC is busted, a Wii might fill the gaps

@raindog469 thanks for the help! I'll go find a first gen Wii

@urso I've played the first Xenoblade 4 times (twice on Wii, once upscaled on PC using Dolphin, and finally on the 3DS), and I'll absolutely be buying the remaster. Until we discovered Borderlands 2, it was possibly my favorite game ever despite the hostile JRPG control scheme. I'd probably have even watched an anime of it, and I'm really no otaku. XCX consumed even more of my time even though I liked it less, and... then there was XC2, which I never finished due to all the gross fanservice.

@raindog469 didn't even consider purchasing XC2. I don't mind fanservice (only because I was already exposed to so much of it), but adding it to that extent was too much for me

@urso The thing is, the control scheme felt SO much better to me than the other two games that I really just wanted to love the hell out of it, but I felt like I was playing some hentai game that should never be seen in public, nor by my wife. So my enthusiasm was dampened, and eventually it was just too much to enjoy. I sincerely hope the X1 remake doesn't adopt that art style, and that they've learned their lesson in time for XC3/XCY/XCX2: electric boogaloo/whatever to be a truly great game.

@urso if you're going to play gamecube games go for it, the prices probably are quite low right now... and when you get aa copy of just dance send me a video of you dancing

@dnkedanke I'll never, EVER, play Just Dance

I know how I look like when I dance. Are you CRAZY? 😂

@dnkedanke but yeah, I still have Tales of Phantasia to play. I'm eyeing out a few others but they're crazy expensive (Chibi-Robo! Eternal Darkness and Skies of Arcadia Legends)

@urso @dnkedanke Wish I could just copy our Chibi-Robo disc and send it to you. It's my wife's favorite GameCube game and probably my second favorite. (I don't even know if BR GameCubes are the same region as US...)

@raindog469 @urso they are the same region but it would be easier for him to download the game’s ISO and burn it on a Blank DVD

@dnkedanke @raindog469 I'm not sure of the details for burning and playing a ROM on original hardwere. I often prefer to wait and buy the original used thing, or otherwise I could juse play it on PC with an emulator, which is way simpler

@raindog469 @dnkedanke BR gamecubes are of the same region. I'm holding back on playing on emulators because I love collecting the actual thing but the game looks so fun :|

@urso @dnkedanke I love original hardware too, but widescreen and upscaling (sometimes nicer textures too but not in the case of C-R), plus being able to use the Chosen Controller which for us is the X360 one, sucked me in.

@raindog469 @dnkedanke definitely see the appeal of emulators, but I collect games I was unable to play (mostly be money reasons) as I grew up. It's a silly thing, I admit, but emulation is the last resort

I won't pay, say, 60 dollars for a copy of Eternal Darkness, no matter how well preserved it is, and games like this aren't likely to go down in price, so emulation is still up

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