@dnkedanke @raindog469 btw I just bought a Wii. I'll wait on the HDMI adapter for now but I'm excited to be able to play Super Mario Galaxy again :3

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@dnkedanke @raindog469 both have a cult following and (afaik) had not too many copies in circulation

You think this is bad? Look at some SNES cartridges

@urso @dnkedanke For $146 I'd be running, not walking, to the nearest PC with enough oomph to run dolphin. I'm no purist. Chibi-Robo is a great, criminally underappreciated game that had only a few tragically awful (localized) sequels preventing it from having become one of Nintendo's crown jewel properties. But it's not $146 good. (Xenoblade I might have considered USD120 or so had I known how good it was, but I'm not sure any single game is worth that much to me when there are other options.)

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