As of now it's the seventh time I had to boot Arch from a USB drive to recover from an unbootable state

As with the other six times, I applied the same regular fix: either just downgrade some particular package or free up disk space and reboot

This time it was both. I blame docker :X


Now that's just great, somehow I screwed up _so bad_ that there's not even free space for removing stuff

I have so many problems with Arch right now that I'll just reinstall the whole thing

FFS now for some arcane reason my whole disk is read-only. I only tried to debug stuff.

Okay, I've been postponing this decision for quite some time... time to leap to fedora

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Oh BTRFS, you saved me and I badmouthed you. I added a new subvolume using my swap partition and now suddenly I have space to remove things <3

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@urso I know I always come off like a noob when I say things like this, but what's wrong with *buntu that isn't also wrong with fedora? I've been running Linux since 1994 and still keep coming back to xubuntu myself. Hate systemd but it seems everything uses that nowadays except the real ”too much time on your hands” throwback distros.

@raindog469 nothing wrong with ubuntu, I just have had more experience with RH-based distros at this point. Frankly, after I customize the DE, either are unrecognizable from their original aesthetics

@raindog469 I'm still considering reinstalling Arch (only perhaps with a few saner decisions) but Fedora/Ubuntu/SuSE are just convenient. I'll make a decision after I finish some backups

@urso Yeah, my Windows desktop and Xubuntu desktop are more or less the same, and either one will throw people who are used to the defaults or didn't know customisation was a thing. Both are also pretty similar to the way I had my Amiga set up 30 years ago, though it didn't have a win95-style task bar or alt-tab; you just dragged the whole screen down to see the next app. (I did have a hot corner popup menu that was essentially the win95 start menu, though, in 1989.)

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