I always go back to listening some Coheed and Cambria when I'm stressed or just want to space out from my physical body

What bands/songs do that to you?

@urso Hmmm, Portishead does a lot for me, but I know some of their work does the exact opposite for other folx. Skunk Anansie's Post Orgasmic Chill also distracts me from reality quite well.

I should give Coheed and Cambria a listen, I never heard of them.

@shello that Post Orgasmic Chill album is pure gold, thanks for that :)

@urso bands: the doors or the cure when I feel dark inside and need to release all sadness and shake out my craziness
songs: too many. when I look for in my playlist, there's "who wants to live forever" by queen which is very meaningful to me. I listened it first time when I watched highlander in theater. always katanas, life and death

@grosours that might be crazy but I listen to Placebo (another band I enjoy) when I want to _feel_ the sadness. Usually coupled with any other band or album in the opposite spectrum (the cranberries!)

I'm not sure I have a song for a particular state of mind or emotion, though 🤔

@urso I can listen to a single song in loop every day for weeks until I decide to play the next one. I feel it relaxing but maybe if someone was living with me, they should become totally mad. it's just a way to relax and stay focused, like a flow

@grosours I can relate, I guess I'm just not too attached to things in general. I can remember of a particular song fondly but I don't remember (or perhaps miss) it when I'm feeling some type of way

@urso Not a lot chills me out anymore, but Pink Floyd, early Mike Oldfield, and early Jean-Michel Jarre were historically my go-tos. When I'm upset and need to wring myself out, add Grandaddy, Radiohead, Tom Waits, later echolyn and David Bowie's two Incredible post-diagnosis albums. Side 2 of Big Science by Laurie Anderson, the Ninth Wave by Kate Bush, and Yes, Anastasia by Tori Amos usually get the tears going too. I have a whole mix of those and dozens more that I call "my blues".

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