I've been kinda quiet these past few days. Nothing major, just got under the weather a bit. How are y'all doing? How have these past 2 weeks been for you?

I for one got some nipple clamps for myself and I'm really excited to try it out

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Also, tomorrow we're going to adopt a dog! Been a dream of ours, me and my sister

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@urso Yay, you're about to become a puppy dad! ^^ Hope you're feeling recovered now!

@shello yup! We're on our way to go see it and make the final decision right now. I'll post pictures if we bring the dog home

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@urso My birthday fell on last weekend, and through some kind of weird but welcome cosmic alignment or just luck of the draw, we were both feeling okay that day. Next thing I knew, she was coming down the stairs in nothing but a fishnet body stocking, and it was off to the races for the next day and a half. We so badly needed that experience that it's been a week almost free of crushing, intractable nihilism since then... better than I can ever manage on an actual vacation. Good week.

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@raindog469 that's great to hear, and Belated happy birthday :)

@urso I finally got a haircut for the first time since the pandemic got started. I've also been growing out my beard longer than I ever have before. It feels great to have more hair in the places I want it to be and less in the places I don't care about as much.

@ActualRecluse @urso Just got mine last week (in time for my birthday, thankfully.) It was the longest I've had it since cutting my ponytail off 18 years ago in a fit of heat-induced rage.

@raindog469 @ActualRecluse I buzzed both my hair and beard off right after the quarantine started, my head looked like a fat egg 😂 Luckily my hair grows fast, and I actually like how my beard looks now: previously it was super long and kind of liked to rebel against combs and such

@urso @ActualRecluse I kept my beard trimmed tight for the first 28 years I had it; my first Master liked it that way and it stuck. Last year the wife convinced me to grow it out some. Now it blends in with my chest hair, at least when my head is bowed as it is now to type this on a touch screen. Patches of white we both like a lot. Well, you saw the pic. With so many of my friends losing their facial hair at the insistence of a woman in the last 30 years, it's awesome to have a supportive one.

@urso exhausted. just looking for ways to quit my job. it's time to say NO to some BS rules.

@grosours I know the feeling. Last year I said goodbye to my previous employer with nothing else lined up, and decided to spend a few months laying low. Let me know how it's going for you and if there's anything I can do

@urso life’s good but busy. Between covid extra precautions at the day job. Working on the nonprofit and protesting at night I’m pretty exhausted. I could use more space between crises but it is what it is. Glad you’re feeling better

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