So I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything at all and now my Arch is unbootable, AGAIN. I won't even bother to debug this, I'm jumping to Fedora

@urso just switched from arch to BSD last month. before arch I was on Debian but last installs failed repeatedly. now my laptop on openBSD and my desktop on freeBSD. 👌

@grosours I'll be sharing my laptop with my sister this year until she gets her own. Been thinking about fedora, so I don't have to thinker with stuff to make it just work, but bsd is tempting... How's openbsd for you? Maybe I'll take a look at some different bsds

@grosours @urso I still stick with xubuntu, though increasingly I've been thinking about switching to straight Debian because it feels like Canonical really hasn't brought anything new to the table that isn't meant more for themselves than their users in about 12 or 13 years now. I hear Debian is being taken over by the Gnome people though, so if I can't get a normal-to-me desktop, they might be no better.

@raindog469 @grosours the Linux desktop scene might be stagnant a bit. In the end I narrowed the search down to either Debian or Fedora, but ended up going with the latter

no complaints up until now, installation was fast, I didn`t have to fiddle with anything and it has good defaults (including gnome shell IMO)

@raindog469 @urso I can't install debian anymore on my 2 pentium since version 9. install crashed each time I tried. I have used debian for 10 years. I switched to archlinux32 in 2018 but using a rolling release in production is like playing with a russian roulette: so many times when some package after update is totally broken! I'm a bit pessimistic about gnu-linux distros in a near future.

@grosours @raindog469 fedora is fairly stable imo. I also had experience with opensuse and it is solid too, even their rolling release version! But I kinda got tired of this with my Arch. The os is amazing but only this year I had to get a flash drive and recover from a bad upgrade twice. When neither are my fault for tinkering with the system...anyway

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