Do yall have recommendations for non leather bdsm stuff? I'm looking for a harness right now but anything goes

@urso I'm mainly into leather gear vests and harnesses myself. I have seen some cool harnesses before that were made from seat belt straps and buckles. Leather was still used for the structure of the harness, but the belt and buckle were the key visible feature.

@Bjornen I don't think I like how leather feels, almost everywhere. I saw a Cordura harness once and loved it

@urso I have a neoprene harness and arm strap from Mr. S, I really like it.

@urso I've seen and gripped some very hot latex (thicker latex) ones at leather nights, but never knew where they came from.

Based upon my cock ring experience, I'd bet neoprene would make a nice harness too, while possibly being easier to work with than latex.

I know you're probably looking for online shopping recs -- I guess the adult section of eBay where the little guys are -- but my first (leather) one was made by me and a friend one afternoon before you could Google directions.

@raindog469 oh, the latex one got me interested, even though I wouldn't go for it everytime I'd be looked to wear a harness. I'll keep an eye out for one, thanks!

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