Hey folks, how y'all doing? I've recently got some pen pals on reddit to exchange letters (real snail mail!). Also looking to write to a few inmates using

what's news to you?

@urso 1) coding on side projects and projecting to become freelance for the next year. looking for clients. 2) translating medieval books from arabic to french (philosophy, metaphysics and farming in andalus). maybe I should start a publishing house. 3) stopping going to the gym. I bought a new bike for fitness and I bring back at home a new longbow next weekend. individual training only. no sword sparring.

@grosours nice on side projects! If I can be of any help to you, let me know. Cross review or just cheer you up.

@urso it's about web accessibility and some parsing hacks in awk to modify layout, typo and color styles on a website. my gitlab is a mess

@grosours didn't know you knew arabic. This is SO Awesome. Same with archery and fencing. I'm hoping to get into rugby sometime next year

@urso classical arabic only for text and manuscript studies. I never went to university, I just learned it with an arabic teacher on my free time. I can speak it too but not fluent actually. I didn't have any opportunity to chat in arabic since years. I like learning new languages to access to old foreign cultures that nobody care about anymore

@grosours that's awesome! I tried to learn Spanish earlier this year but stopped doing the classes. Can't really tell if it's because I didn't like the teacher or some other reason

I'm often thinking of learning a new language. Mandarin and/or japanese were always a curiosity of mine. Now I'm considering french

@urso never had any opportunity to speak spanish with someone. and of course next language I'd like to learn is japanese. personnaly, the person with whom I learn a new language is very important. if there is no bound between any teacher and myself I can't learn.

@grosours the straw that broke the camel's back was a particular day I was slower than usual and wasn't able to follow up with the explanations as easily, asking the teacher to repeat often. At one point I told I wasn't following an exercise well and the teacher answered with a snarky remark and clearly showed impatience

fuck that noise, I have better things to do than paying someone to leave me even more stressed than I was before

@grosours this reminds me, I think I'm going to start French early next year. Maybe I'll be able to hold a proper conversation with you in your native tongue in the future

@grosours also looking to buy a bike by the end of the year. At least to pedal my way to the public pool, about 30min away by bike. It's not that good to be a biker here, unfortunately

@urso the town where I live have a lot of ups and downs so cycling is a bit challenging here but I feel very well after 1 or 2 hours driving my bike

@urso my podcast is starting to to take off, ive slowly been learning to bake and may have seeded a future job prospect

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