Is there such a thing like kinky knitting? Like, knitting something kinky? A friend wants to know

@urso i know of a book called naughty needles, featuring a lot of roleplay stuff but also featuring a ball gag, a pony hood, a flogger and a whip.

@urso you can make a yarn harness (yarness) out of macrame!

@urso if you go far enough, shibari can be knitting

bit kinky 

@urso Found a friend's dad's wool... cock sheath? Ball-accommodating sock? when my friend was looking for some other thing when I was maybe 10 or 11. We literally thought it was to keep it warm. So I think it's probably as old as knitting, braiding, crocheting, or some precursor to them.

My wife put bells on a black jockstrap for me for an xmas party long ago, and honestly I wouldn't mind a crocheted jockstrap, knit sheath, or just about anything to tie up a cock and/or balls with.

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