... So. The body piercer is late and doesn't answer messages. Hmm.


Turns out the body piercer never showed up. Back to square one, I guess, I'll look for another one

@urso That's super disappointing... :(
I hope the next body piercer you hire behaves professionally.

@shello the owner of the place behaved quite nicely, but the body piercer herself never gave me even a nod. Got another indication from @dnkedanke , we'll see how that goes

@urso Friend of ours put a 500 dollar deposit on the start of a full back tattoo... 3 days before the tattoo parlor closed due to covid, and when they reopened the artist who'd gotten the deposit no longer worked there. I think there's a certain looseness to the entire profession.

He's gotten some of it done since then, so we assume he found the artist and she did some of the work she owed him. I don't understand back tattoos at all, especially given how much back fur he normally has. *shrug*

@raindog469 I had to wait a full hour under a scorching sun to get my first tattoo done, but at least the guy told us he was going to be late

@urso We just have the one each, a matching design we got as soon as we could after our wedding. Simple enough that a biker/guitarist friend of ours said, "shit, I coulda done that" (and we said, "We're not looking for prison tats, thanks"). Every one of the artist recommendations we got from FB flaked out, so we picked a strip mall tattoo parlor. Hers is perfect; mine's thinner except for one noticeable thick spot. They tried and failed to fix it.

I'm in no hurry to get any more tattoos.

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