@brenno welcome welcome to bear.comm! _o/

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@urso @brenno Huh, the same person seems to have just appeared on

@Casuallynoted I'm assuming @brenno was trying out multiple instances at once

@urso thank you!

@Casuallynoted I'm sorry, I had requested for those two instances last night. I requested for, then a friend showed me the πŸ˜…

@grosours thank you! I hope meet some new friends on this instance. Btw, nice sword! :)
Do you practice kendo?

@brenno no kendo, but HEMA and iaido. I started iaido 20 years ago but I find kendo less realistic so I prefer using my skills for katana drawing and sparring with other swords.

@grosours Is HEMA like a wrestling? Seems cool!
I love martial arts, but I stopped doing it maybe 10 years ago. Maybe someday I'll do it again.

@brenno sword / axe / any deadly weapon sparring based on historical documentation (texts or pictures) from ancient ages to nowadays on european territory through ages. I found a lot of techniques which are similar to japanese sparring.

@grosours interesting! Rescuing traditions like this is very important. Nice hobby... historical hobby!

@brenno discovered it first time in the backyard of a snack bar. the sensei was the bartender. I asked him to teach me and I started on week ends. he was giving me instructions between 2 clients orders

@grosours hahaha yes! I hope you haven't painted any fence. hahaha
"up, down... up, down"

@grosours btw, probably your are a better version of Daniel San... much better.

@brenno some of my better memories in my life... no regrets.

@grosours 😊 ❀️
maybe one day you can teach someone else too. I love stories like that.

@brenno I'm a lonely guy and I didn't find a place to fit until now. but I'd like to share

@grosours you will, someday you will. πŸ˜‰
I miss a place to fit me too... lately many things have changed for me

@brenno @urso Oh gosh you're fine!! I just have a lot of spambots joining my instance so I've been keeping an eye out :P

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