status: considering a book on building patterns someone recommended on Stack Overflow (where else...) so that I can build an interesting and multi-layered procedural dungeon generator

@urso what about using a machine learning model?

@banjo I have a grand total of zero knowledge in machine learning, but I'm accepting suggestions. I was able to sketch out a fairly competent algorithm for loose dungeons (plenty of open space) and indoors (rooms packed together with hallways). The intelligence I'm looking after is having something like generating floors with elevators and/or ladders in the same place while still allowing for movement and being somewhat usable for gameplay

@urso unfortunately I can’t recommend anything concrete, but what I do know is that you could transform the problem from “generating interesting dungeons” to supplying a dataset of “interesting” and “boring” dungeons and letting the AI do the learning and generation 🙂

@banjo speed has to be factored in too, and I really have no experience with ML. I'll look it up. Currently drawing ideas for the second part I mentioned before

@urso for AI a lot of the work is precomputed during the training process. The actual execution is very fast. But it could take a lot of developer time :) for procedural generation, the only thing I can think of is an old favourite article of mine about the cicada principle:


> But it could take a lot of developer time

Ehhhhh :( I need to look further into it. Right now it's not convincing, to be honest, I don't consider procedural dungeon generation to be either novel or difficult. Seems to me the algorithms are figured out already, I'm mostly stringing things together so I can create a small town using the dungeon engine and each building with the indoors engine and it all has a somewhat believable, somewhat cohesive design

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