On non nude news, I guess I started playing with common lisp and scheme on separate occasions and I'm having too much fun with both

Unclear whether I will ever release something written in these languages, we will see

@urso I just started reading the Wizard book!!

@banjo nice! I can't really remember much of what I read of it, at the time my English was quite poor. I guess I should come back to it but idk, there are other books waiting

@banjo meanwhile I'm getting my ass kicked on common lisp by something that has to be really simple. I can't get a simple system defined with package-inferred-system to work

@urso I’ll let you know if that shows up in the book when I’m further along!


@banjo thanks! At some point I will call it quits and just use clojure instead. It's kind of a bummer though, there has to be a really simple reason for it to not work

@urso I’m on the Elixir train. But the theory should be applicable to elixir

@banjo I was bit by the lisp bug, I'm afraid. I'm quite restrained in the macros I write but the freedom is too much to pass on

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