Spent the weekend kind of sick so of course I would turn back to gaming. Currently playing Risk of Rain 2 and now I'm tripping hard with the soundtrack

I mean, how chill is this: youtube.com/watch?v=EGXPAoyP_c

@urso The progression in both songs is sooooo good! They are so satisfying to listen to!
I hope you're feeling better now, btw! 🤗

@shello the end of the second song is fucking stellar.

It is so strange to have these relaxing songs in a game that gets *that* stressful sometimes

@urso I might have to take a look at Risk of Rain 2! 👀

@shello it is *really good*, but I can't be trusted with a review for the game hahahahah

as far as roguelites go, there isn't a progression tree here. At most you can unlock alternate abilities with specific achievements but that is about it. Still, I love the christmas lights-y chaos of it all when the game difficulty is at "HAHAHAHA..." level and it keeps throwing enemies at you

@shello if you have had a good run until then, you should kill most enemies under one second. So it kinda becomes breezy... until you forget to pay attention to AOEs and it saps your life before you can scream "WHAT THE F"

@urso Thanks! It does look fun and very playable. I'm usually not good at shooters, but I will probably give it a go sometime soon!

@shello if you don't like it, get a refund on steam. And reach out to me if you want to play together

@shello the game is a bit obtuse at times, on purpose. Just have a go and don't be afraid of going through many runs

@urso That's a good point I always forget. And yeah, I'll be sure to ping you when I get used to the game, thank you!

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