Well, I promised do here it goes, after a long time without posting a single selfie

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Just trying out my camera's new lens on the very first thing in front of me. I think I'll like it

made the best fucking lasagna ever created. Very proud, 5/7

Ah, the wonders a cold shower can do to one's skin after a day under this sun

Here's a before and after

I'm not much into driving by itself, but OMG do I love looking at cars.

This baby right here, the Trueno AE86, also happens to be one my favorite cars to drive in Forza Horizon 4

source: kurwazoku.tumblr.com/post/1808

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I'm working on the world building for a piece of fiction I'm writing, it's some sort of dark fantasy, and one thing I'm loving is depicting dragons The Asian Style ™️

I just love their aesthetic so much. It's curious how often their illustrations are a mish-mash of other animals, like how often they have deer-like horns

They'll be so big they could hug a mountain, and will be essentially unbeatable.

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