NSFW, nude 

Took advantage of sunlight this morning to be horny. I liked how these turned out

Been having a back-and-forth with a friend on UX aspects. We had this idea of allowing people to love/star stuff multiple times. The restriction is that you can only love a certain thing once a day, and the author won't always be notified when you love it beyond the first time

As a developer with little connections to UX work, I'm mildly proud of myself for this little bit

NSFW, prince Albert 

Comparison between old (captive bead, 5mm) and new (segment clicker, also 5mm).

It is not that common to find info on how uncomfortable certain jewelery can be for sex. The purple one I had, the ball is barely clinging together. I was deathly afraid of someone swallowing it up

New one is much better for jerking off, going inside condoms and, I can only hope, fellatio

Half a selfie, eye contact 

Same day I continued the scrotal ladder, I stretched my ear. From 10mm to 14mm, and now there's a 2mm accompanying it too

Endgame should be 16mm plus 6mm, both ears

Nsfw, nude 

Welp, I can't upload videos bigger than 40mb here and I'm a bit lazy to edit them down, so here, have a few pics of my new 5mm segment ring and my ongoing ladder (with fresh three new piercings!)

Yesterday I got three new pairs of Tarot earrings but haven't given them the proper attention until now. This is the devil earring, there's also the lovers and the hermit

NSFW, nude 

Well, since I'm back, why not show myself naked again

NSFW, nude, piercing 

I don't remember the last time I shared my PA here but it got an upgrade a few months ago

I think this will be the second to last iteration. I'm mustering up the courage to get it stretched one last time

So now I'm able to wear shorts that didn't fit me for a number of years

NSFW, nude 

I very rarely take butt pics. I think this is one of the better ones

NSFW, nude, prince albert 

Been trying a few nude shots now that I'm getting comfortable with my PA. I already liked it before getting it done but every day I like it even more

NSFW, nude, genital piercing 

So a promise is a promise, here's the first Pic of my Prince Albert. It is a bit small, I'll give my dick some rest before going bigger

Hardest part so far is being advised against jerking off. At least two more weeks of this

Painted my nails matte black for the first time last night. Today my leather bracelet, my first piece of leather gear, arrived home. Gotta say I'm digging it all

NSFW, lewd 

Here's me playing the first hour of Xenoblade chronicles

Day 2: the cat seems bold enough to train torture tactics in front of her own masters. Looking Hella cute while she plots total takeover

This cat was known by the condo staff for a few weeks now but I only met her this morning. Decided to take her in but haven't decided whether Ill keep her. I'm giving her food, shelter and I'll bring her to a vet but it'll likely be a temporary home

Selfie, showing a shirt 

Had this shirt for a while, and it now fits!

I'm _almost_ at the point where I can call myself a proper sourdough baker. These look good and taste good. I don't know yet why they're so flat looking, though

Tried (and partially succeeded) making a super fudgy, super chocolatey cake today. It's badly in need of some frosting to balance out its richness, though

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