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@grosours let's keep talking, I'd rather go with someone any other time than go alone for the olympics

Plus, having a gay friend to hop onto some onsen would be nice

@Sleepybearlxix okay, I'll try. How about a shot showing your dick slipping to the side of the underwear?

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@ActualRecluse @Sammy speaking as the owner of the instance and bisexual myself, I don't see the problem with it, BUT I'd rather not allow it to keep the instance centered. It's easy to allow women in here and then have straight people join in, and suddenly the time-line isn't as much gay focused as before

This is just an opinion, though, not an official statement, so I'm open for feedback

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so there's this cute cub at my work place and I have no idea which way he swings but I'm curious af

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I'm really disappointed for the timed store exclusivity on PC thing that's happening this year. Steam was fine, GOG Galaxy is okay, mostly everything else is garbage.

Haven't tested the Epic Store, but I'm not willing to support them anyway.

So Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds and other really cool games I wanted to play near launch will have to wait for next year :/

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please BOOST!

Hey guys!! Im strapped for cash so im opening up commissions, NSFW and SFW!

$15 USD sketch commissions, or $20 USD for a sketch with simple colors. (examples attached)

im doing only pin ups (solo characters) for right now, but i can draw pretty much anything!

Im not able to draw furries or mecha, but monsters and humans are my jam 😎

#commissions #nsfw #nudity #mastoart #nsfwart #teratophilia

@grosours yeah, I'm still on the fence about going. In one hand, it'll be easier to find pals to travel with, but on the other Japan will be PACKED with people, and I kind of don't like crowds

but also, olympics.

I just want to have someone to travel with, I don't want to see Japan alone :|

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