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@aphyr haven't seen whether fourth season is out or not, but I flew through the first three seasons so fast

And she's getting a lot of praise on Everything everywhere all at once now! Haven't watched it, I'm waiting for it to be released on cinemas here


@brenno eu tenho duas perguntas:

1) posso levar pra casa?
2) caso a resposta para a primeira seja não: posso levar pra casa?

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Just noticed "e2ee encryption" is actually saying "end to end encryption encryption"

In my defense, I'm just so fucking tired lmao

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@robdaemon that makes sense, thanks! Yeah, whenever I look, it just becomes more clear I shouldn't even try to implement it. Gotta go back to think about the threat model and leave this stuff to people who are experienced with it

And agreed on signal. I just wish it didn't just rely on phone numbers

@maugdemon @aphyr nah, every opinion counts. We're actually modeling the thing after email and phone contact lists... A little different but not too much. Greatest focus has been on helping users handle notification from contacts and non-contacts in a safe way. A reblog for contacts is a great signal boost, and since it only happens with people you "trust", I assume it works

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almost a sex accident lol 

@aleph3eard damn, man, take care of yourself!

@maugdemon @aphyr been talking about this with a friend of mine as we've been sketching out some social network changes (no idea what to do with what we're discussing atm). She's a woman so she has a whole different perspective on harassment. We both miss reblogs like tumblr but decided they're better off when we only allow contacts (people we follow) to reblog. Seems like a good compromise

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NSFW penis chastity 

Inspired by @maugdemon post, gonna do a little comparison here #teamlocked

@brenno you filthy (whatever rust people call themselves)

Yall who understand crypto and security and stuff

Putting encryption on the browser for e2ee encryption is a really bad idea, right? I feel like it is, but it's too early to say for sure. I've been studying the matrix documents around libolm

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NSFW full male nudity 

I was getting excited chatting with a buddy on growlr when I woke up today and he requested some after-shower pics, so I thought maybe it was a good opportunity to share a few here too. 😉😈

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