@shello the idea is that the data leaves the client already encrypted, so aside from account, notebook and note ID there's no Metadata no normalize or enforce. It can only store and deliver a binary blob, the client code is able to decode and deal with it

@Dutchfarm @Bearprazolam @bootblackcub I mean... I don't delete mine here, but if the platform allows I'd say three days is plenty. There's a good chance the deleted nudes are replaced by newer ones, and when they don't... well

@Bearprazolam @Dutchfarm @bootblackcub ... is there something like that, but open-source and federated? Feels like a niche in need of a tool, "Sabertooth, the federated snapchat alternative"

@bootblackcub @Bearprazolam also true. Honestly? I never open the fleets because of this very reason. Maybe snapchat got it right the first time around?

@Bearprazolam @bootblackcub for sure, that does give us a sense of control. Even on private chats I'm defaulting to deleting after X days (moved most conversations from whatsapp to signal recently)

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@Bearprazolam @bootblackcub there's a whole subject of reaching the target audience (whatever they might be) but maybe it's subject for another topic.

Awesome suggestions! As of now I'll continue to do what I'm already doing, it's just that "primal fear" aspect that resurfaces every now and then

@Bearprazolam @bootblackcub I was about to say I don't have ulterior motives, but I do: I want to drive home the message of body and sex positivity. We all have diverse bodies and everybody has sexual interests and I want to be the driver of the message that you can do just that, if that makes sense?

Also I get a kick out of sharing myself online, it seems 🤔

@Bearprazolam doesn't matter asking why they saw it if I'm losing my job regardless 😂 I'm teasing, you're right

I do keep the mindset that once I decide to share it online, it's beyond my control who sees it. There are a few things I share only to select friends, a few things I only share here. It's a good mentality, I think

@bootblackcub still, I have that lingering fear that "oh what if Employer knows I'm all naked and kinky online? Will I be fired?"

Consciously I know and repeat to myself "fuck them if it happens", but I don't know. Primal fears, perhaps

@bootblackcub for sure. I do show myself in other social networks but only in here I have it connected with my face, CW and visibility help a lot.

@shello a somewhat obvious surprise I didn't notice is that the database would look more like a document db in the sense that it wouldn't be able to enforce structure, because by the way I designed it the metadata is also encrypted so the database only sees a random blob of messy stuff

@shello an update on this: I've been toying with a data model on jupyter notebook and I think it looks fairly solid. Goals are to organize notes in notebooks in a way that:

- allows owner to change password and not have to re-encrypt everything
- allow owner to share a single note or a whole notebook with someone else
- make the database thingy have completely zero idea of data stored in

It's very playground-y, and I don't think I'll make anything more profesh with it, but it's enlightening

How do yall handle posting nudes and being kinky AF only while still showing your faces? I've been daring myself to do that more and more but there's still some fear

@grosours @bootblackcub @Bearprazolam hey, I may have to take a look at that, then. Powerlifting is something I may get interested into, right after I start training rugby (after this pandemic, of course)

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