NSFW, nudity 

@Bjornen I wanna be part of it too, aye!

Sorry for the account spewing out spam, folks :/ sometimes they're difficult to identify

@NickMuscleMilk never had or played dreamcast, so I honestly can't tell. That's why I'm excited to play this one!

Is anyone planning to play Phantasy Star Online 2 now that's available on Steam? I wanted to play this for a long time and would be glad to have friends joining

@raindog469 oh, the latex one got me interested, even though I wouldn't go for it everytime I'd be looked to wear a harness. I'll keep an eye out for one, thanks!

@Bjornen I don't think I like how leather feels, almost everywhere. I saw a Cordura harness once and loved it

Do yall have recommendations for non leather bdsm stuff? I'm looking for a harness right now but anything goes

gotta admit the SNL skits added some needed levity in my past days

I love how Ryan Gosling can't keep a straight face even if his life depended on it in those scenes with Kate McKinnon

if you haven't seen them



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@raindog469 @bootblackcub hahahhahahaha! I mean in the scene. Would be awkward to introduce myself as "urso" imo, especially given that I'm not that hirsute

@bootblackcub interesting. Now I thinking what scene name I would give myself 🤔

@zenrider share it here when you feel it's ready! I'm writing a furry gay romance vn, otoh

@bootblackcub that's interesting, I wasn't familiar with that trend. If you were to choose one, what would it be?

So the company I work for purchased the company who made Clojure and Datomic. Suddenly I have coworker status with people whose articles I'm very fond of

doesn't directly involve or benefit me but it made for a better weekend

@bootblackcub @DammitMooMoon also because a non-trivial amount of pigs I met are also into scat in some degree

@bootblackcub @DammitMooMoon whenever I identify myself as a pig I usually also add that I'm not into scat. I think part of why is that the term "pig" is kind of an umbrella term for a range of fetishes. One might be into, say, sweat, and still not identify as a pig

@zenrider but they're EXPENSIVE. Looking at some options from kbdfans made my cry

@bootblackcub can I have a link of where to purchase this? A friend wants to know

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