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First mirror selfie of many, I'm sure. Feeling really body positive today

What's up, fellows of Bear.comm, our hosting provider just updated our instance to 2.9. The most notable feature is the single column interface, check it out in your settings 👍

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@bootblackcub you're looking fine as hell, to be honest :)


I need to learn to read my stuff before posting ffs --'

Say I want to purchase a leather harness. Where do I go?

Color me surprised, but I've been having a real goo time on Grommr these past few weeks

Maybe I'll direct some of the people I met to post some pics here 🍆

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"Meta", negative 

@bootblackcub where's part 2 of this story? IT NEEDS TO BE CONTINUED

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nsfw video 

#me #filtered #briefs 

@bootblackCub @ninmi depending on your tolerance to "anime-y" humor, Konosuba and most seasons of Gintama are also great

Last season's Kaguya-sama: Love is war is lovely, cute and funny as well

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Aaaand some #transnsfw of my oc Catrina! She deserves some self love this fine Pride month

#nsfw #nsfwart

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