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Still not done with common lisp studies. Been playing with the Gemini protocol on and off in the past few weeks and, with the advent of this new UI library named Clog that looks pretty good, I'm feeling encouraged to build a gui gemini client

Let's see how this one goes, though

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A little sick this weekend but I got enough drive to code a bit. Feeling a bit like treating errors like values like one does in languages like Haskell, F# (in my experience) or Elixir, I decided to implement one thing I missed from elixir on Clojure

Gotta say, I was surprised on how easy it was... Though there are likely bugs around. First time writing a macro "for reals" too.

If you'd like to see it, here it is: git.sr.ht/~sampsm/match-with

@alex I'm at peace in knowing I will only be able to purchase a ps5 easily in 2023

Never mind that I was already planning to get it years later anyway

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NSFW, nude, piercing 

@DammitMooMoon Thanks! Brightens my day 😊

Google-the-search is workable with ddg. Not great, but workable. Youtube's a bitch to replace though, and their move to hide dislikes is not sitting well with me

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Just today I subscribed to Migadu for mail services. It may be silly but I'll try to rely a little less on Google products. All good so far, no complaints. The price seems fair, about 20 dollars per year for the amount of email traffic I need

@banjo fixed it. It was the silliest thing, now I'm unblocked and good to go

@banjo I was bit by the lisp bug, I'm afraid. I'm quite restrained in the macros I write but the freedom is too much to pass on

@banjo thanks! At some point I will call it quits and just use clojure instead. It's kind of a bummer though, there has to be a really simple reason for it to not work

@banjo meanwhile I'm getting my ass kicked on common lisp by something that has to be really simple. I can't get a simple system defined with package-inferred-system to work

@banjo nice! I can't really remember much of what I read of it, at the time my English was quite poor. I guess I should come back to it but idk, there are other books waiting

On non nude news, I guess I started playing with common lisp and scheme on separate occasions and I'm having too much fun with both

Unclear whether I will ever release something written in these languages, we will see

NSFW, nude, piercing 

I don't remember the last time I shared my PA here but it got an upgrade a few months ago

I think this will be the second to last iteration. I'm mustering up the courage to get it stretched one last time

@brenno obrigado <3 eu não fiquei _super_ offline, em coisas como discord, steam ou no switch pessoas ainda conseguiam me ver fazendo coisas. Não acho que foi uma decisão consciente me afastar, eu só queria... silêncio? algo assim. Volta e meia acontece mas tendo a estar bem em geral

Hey folks, long time no see. Nothing new to report, I'm alive and well, just had... life happening. I'll get back to all of you soon, sorry for the radio silence

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