@aphyr is that fetish gear I see hanging on the wall? Gags n' stuff?

really good workout room 👌 😂

@aphyr wasn't aware you were into fursuits! Pics please?

Oh BTRFS, you saved me and I badmouthed you. I added a new subvolume using my swap partition and now suddenly I have space to remove things <3

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@raindog469 I'm still considering reinstalling Arch (only perhaps with a few saner decisions) but Fedora/Ubuntu/SuSE are just convenient. I'll make a decision after I finish some backups

@raindog469 nothing wrong with ubuntu, I just have had more experience with RH-based distros at this point. Frankly, after I customize the DE, either are unrecognizable from their original aesthetics

FFS now for some arcane reason my whole disk is read-only. I only tried to debug stuff.

Okay, I've been postponing this decision for quite some time... time to leap to fedora

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Now that's just great, somehow I screwed up _so bad_ that there's not even free space for removing stuff

I have so many problems with Arch right now that I'll just reinstall the whole thing

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As of now it's the seventh time I had to boot Arch from a USB drive to recover from an unbootable state

As with the other six times, I applied the same regular fix: either just downgrade some particular package or free up disk space and reboot

This time it was both. I blame docker :X

@dnkedanke @raindog469 both have a cult following and (afaik) had not too many copies in circulation

You think this is bad? Look at some SNES cartridges

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I'm pleased to announce the latest @jepsen project: Elle, a black-box, linear-time checker for transactional (or single-key!) consistency models. I've been working on this with Peter Alvaro for over a year now, and I'm delighted to finally have it out the door.



Elle has been the secret behind most of the recent Jepsen analyses, and we believe its techniques represent a novel and useful contribution to the field.

@dnkedanke @raindog469 btw I just bought a Wii. I'll wait on the HDMI adapter for now but I'm excited to be able to play Super Mario Galaxy again :3

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@raindog469 @dnkedanke definitely see the appeal of emulators, but I collect games I was unable to play (mostly be money reasons) as I grew up. It's a silly thing, I admit, but emulation is the last resort

I won't pay, say, 60 dollars for a copy of Eternal Darkness, no matter how well preserved it is, and games like this aren't likely to go down in price, so emulation is still up

@raindog469 @dnkedanke BR gamecubes are of the same region. I'm holding back on playing on emulators because I love collecting the actual thing but the game looks so fun :|

@dnkedanke @raindog469 I'm not sure of the details for burning and playing a ROM on original hardwere. I often prefer to wait and buy the original used thing, or otherwise I could juse play it on PC with an emulator, which is way simpler

@dnkedanke but yeah, I still have Tales of Phantasia to play. I'm eyeing out a few others but they're crazy expensive (Chibi-Robo! Eternal Darkness and Skies of Arcadia Legends)

@dnkedanke I'll never, EVER, play Just Dance

I know how I look like when I dance. Are you CRAZY? 😂

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naked male body | genital | selfie | no eyes contact 

@raindog469 didn't even consider purchasing XC2. I don't mind fanservice (only because I was already exposed to so much of it), but adding it to that extent was too much for me

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