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by the way, most of the "what should just stop" answers were also centered around porn accounts, so 🤷

And sorry for the HUUUUUGE wall of text 😅

I feel like bear.comm is a great place for people who want to express themselves, and for that I have to keep a tight rule against porn accounts (or those who "flood", as I described in our rules)

if you want to have a porn blog, that's absolutely fine, Mastodon have a place for you. Bear.comm doesn't, though.

Which brings me to my final point: I'll tighten the rules around flooding by the end of the week. Don't know how it'll come out, but I'll ask for feedback before it becomes official

When we allow profiles that do this to exist on bear.comm, a number of things happen:

- first, they invite other profiles to exist too. It's a race for numbers, for followers and boosts, I imagine
- they _will_ absolutely swarm the local timeline with posts that have little originality and have the same value as a Google search
- because of the above, people who occasionally post their own content (yours truly included) will get less visibility because of that

I do want to comment on a particular answer for "what can be improved", though: someone said "porn blogs do have a place on mastodon"

By porn blogs, I interpret as profiles that post only third party content, sometimes at a frequency of one post per minute or faster.

Yes, they do have a place. The beauty of Mastodon is that you can create an instance anywhere and interact with most people on the fediverse - the federated, connected servers - but I don't feel like this place is bear.comm.

For "what can be improved":

- I got a suggestion to frequently post running costs vs funds received from our Patreon. Great idea, I'll start doing that _today_
- someone suggested creating a pixelfed instance. While I like the idea, I lack the "steam" to actually sit down and do it, so sorry for now :/
- a number of answers were about Mastodon as a project itself. While I can raise some of that issues, I can't tackle them myself (don't have the time). Mastodon is slowly catching up, though

Most of the answers to "What do you like" were centered around a gay, bear instance, original content (yay!) and how the community itself interacts beyond nudes (love that too!)

Hello! I've been working one and a half turns everyday, so I had little time to interact here, but I'll get back!

In the meantime, let me _thank you all_ for answering the form above, and now I'll discuss some of the answers that were given

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This is a shout-out to all the and men in relationships on . How do you and your partners handle barebacking with people outside of your core relationships? Is there a vetting process? Is it a "use your best judgment, and I'll back you up" policy? Or is the policy "nope, we don't allow that"?

PrEP has changed a lot of stuff for the better, but it also brings complexity with it. I guess I'm attempting to establish a baseline here.

oh hey look, there was an update on mastodon :)

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Heya folks! Sorry for my absense. I'll still look like a ghost for about two weeks or so. Basically a bunch of things have appeared and I have little to no time to actually engage in the community :/

That's not to say I'm not watching it, though. I'm fucking proud of many of you, really happy for newcomers engaging in fun ways, _and_ I've been watching for those breaking the rules.

If you need anything, just ping me. I might take a while to answer, but I will eventually.

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#introduction I'm a gay bear from south-west Germany. 

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So I only open bear.comm on my phone when I'm at work, and I'm careful enough to use a VPN.

Today, without warning, the VPN disconnected itself. The domain is now on the company's logs :facepalm:

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Only got amazing answers in this form ☝️

It is still up, in case you feel like contributing :)

Sometime this weekend I'll try to summarize the points raised there and weigh in

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