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open to be called cute 

you're cute

People who go over the trouble to download the image and make a new post instead of just clicking on that neat little button with two arrows called "share"

Seriously, fuck you

amazing = on par with or better than github, in this case

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Last programming toot before heading to bed:

Been trying different tools to do code reviews other than github/gitlab. My biggest pet peeve is that they review the whole thing and the CI only tests the last commit, so if there are broken commits in the middle, we'll only find out if we check them manually or risk false positives on `git bisect`

I'm checking whether Phabricator runs CI on every commit. So far the whole review process looks amazing

Apparently it's super hard for Bad Dragon to be transparent. Ordered some stuff almost three months ago, by the end of November I sent an e-mail asking about any ETA.

They said they were done and waiting for shipping. Yesterday I sent another message asking for updates, because apparently nothing has been shipped yet.

I don't know much of these things but I thought the shipping pipeline was faster than the manufacturing

Been learning Clojure on my own in preparation for a job interview and I haven't had this much fun coding in quite some time

though I wish there was something like Django with a lib like django-allauth to handle signup/recover password/etc. I can write these on my own... but it's just tedious. I get it that it seems the community focuses more on libraries, but anyway.

If anyone has recommendations on the point above, please @ me urgently, please and thank you 🙏

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Hey woofers! has been around for a week now, and I just wanna say thanks to everyone who joined. We're up to a 14 members now!

We've got an account directory at If you'd like to be listed, head to and check "List this account on the directory".

If you're looking for people to follow, take a look at for more queer/kinky instances, and for a feed of posts from everyone we follow.

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Full frontal nude of me 

Well, things have been a bit slow on here, so here's my little contribution to livening things up a bit.

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it's a little thing, but it's such a victory when I finally manage to make graphviz render exactly what I have in mind

dot is one of those syntax where I learn once, don't use it for months or years and then I have to re-learn again

So when someone signs up to your server and puts something like "fefefef", is it a bot or a person?

My take: fefefef is right under the index and middle finger and is such a low effort attempt that it HAS to be human

A bot would write something like "Subscribe to to find the hottest girls in your area etc. 50% discount if you click in the next 5 minutes"

The Game Awards 

here I am watching the show and I still can't really accept Kojima winning best game direction

to me DS is overly pretentious as only an unhinged Kojima game could be. But "best game direction", ehhh

That part was the last straw for me tbh. I had two profiles, a regular and a NSFW one. I lost count of how many times a surprise dick or butt appeared in my timeline from a friend's like

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Just read the beginning

"You may not post media that is excessively gory or share violent or adult content within live video or IN PROFILE OR HEADER IMAGES. Media depicting sexual violence and/or assault is also not permitted."

The emphasis above is mine. It is also one of bear.comm's rules so our server isn't banned elsewhere


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******HEADS UP FRIENDS******

On “NewTumbl” bloggers and volunteers are allowed to help monitor the posts on the site to keep the family friendly post under one tag, the mature posts under one tag,, the x content and so on and so on (good idea huh?)

The problem with this is kiddie porn bloggers also participate and don’t flag or delete their own posts containing children being exploited sexually.

After bringing the above post to the main architect’s attention (dean), his response was that the content and added caption was not against Newtumbl’s policy or guidelines. It took several messages to get it taken down off the site.

My thanks? = banned from the site.

The blogger? still on the site and now allowed to post even more questionable content with Dean’s blessing.

This is not a about badmouthing someone or for payback (well maybe a little, lol). I want you all aware that Newtumbl allows predators to thrive.

Your underage siblings or your young sons and daughters, grandchildren, nieces or nephews will be exposed and possibly abused by online child-predators.

This is no small matter, I hope you will take this seriously and post and boost this important information.

The call the site “A place for tumblr refugees” but,, it should be “A place for pedo tumblr refugees”

my pictures here posted back up my claims so you know I’m not making stuff up. This one blogger is only one of hundreds kiddie porn lovers.

#newtumbl #dean newtumbl #newtumbl admins #pedos #pedophiles #pedophilia #online predators #protect our children

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