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Playing a game where me and @dnkedanke do chores every day in game is so relaxing

it's really hard to top Stardew Valley

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any online shop to buy kilts ? I liked but their shop seems closed. with international/europe shipping.

kinda rant 

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@aphyr done some common lisp this past few days. Language is cool (it's lisp, after all), but creating a CLI is alien to me (you dump the image onto an executable. quite novel to me, actually)

the documentation on libraries for dealing with posic-like filesystems is sad, though :/ I'm still checking windows compilation. It may be a contender but Go is already fast enough and has a good built-in library for handling file stuff

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Users are encouraged to move to a new instance of their choice.

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One of my current pastimes has been searching for MtG commanders with interesting mechanics and/or themes, hopefully that are not played to death

I haven't seen Mairsil, the Pretender mentioned by my playgroup and I'm already thinking of the shenanigans of stashing a bunch of creatures and artifacts that give the commander protection from everything :)

burnout, introversion 

a confession on tech and etc 

@Bearprazolam hey man, long time no see. How are you doing?

I don't follow the Joe Rogan podcast but after I heard he had Brian Greene recently, I never searched so fast

aside from the content itself, which is amazing considering the guest, Greene's voice is so easy to my ears om

4, perhaps?
quote rt this with how intimidating YOU think you are on a scale of 1-10 and let other ppl reply to it with how intimidating THEY think you are

I thought my burnout days were past me and I would be able to enjoy coding again in my spare time. Tried that since the beginning of February and it hit my enthusiasm like a truck

seems like 2020 really is the year to find another hobby or find another hobby

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There's one thing I want to point out with nanoblogger. Yes, it's an evil fucking bash script. But here's the thing. The developer abandoned it in 2011. Nine years ago. Today, I pulled down the final release candidate, unpacked it on disk, and the fucker worked flawlessly out of the box.

It really is possible, folks, to write software that will still work at longer time frames than a month, to design for the future. It sometimes requires less-than-awesome tradeoffs but it is possible.

oh no the new animal crossing looks so chill and fun. never played AC before but I played A LOT of stardew valley

my body is ready

Just tweaked my Emacs with a nice serif, monospaced font for creative writing :3

darkroom-mode works so well

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Looking for a compiled language that isn't C or Haskell (the ones I have experience with) and isn't as "you-may-shoot-your-foot" like C or "monads and language extensions ahoy" like Haskell

I find Rust too complicated for what I want. Go is good, compilation is fast and cross-compiling is great... but damn does the lack of generics hurt sometimes

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