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... So. The body piercer is late and doesn't answer messages. Hmm.

Day 2: the cat seems bold enough to train torture tactics in front of her own masters. Looking Hella cute while she plots total takeover

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I will be starting the upgrade to v3.2.2 on all Mastodon servers on

There should be less than 30 seconds of downtime.

You can see changelog here:

Notice that the changes that I applied on v3.2.1 will also be enabled:

Any questions please let me know.

This cat was known by the condo staff for a few weeks now but I only met her this morning. Decided to take her in but haven't decided whether Ill keep her. I'm giving her food, shelter and I'll bring her to a vet but it'll likely be a temporary home

Selfie, showing a shirt 

Had this shirt for a while, and it now fits!

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So question for the fediverse. As a sex education show we've through about branching out into video.

Nothing explicit but frank enough that it would get us kicked off of YouTube.

Are there any peertube servers who would be a good fit for this?

#askfedi #askmasto #peertube

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Me and my boyfriends do a weekly video on YouTube, please check out my frumpy covid looks :)

Anyone here knows about motorcycles? @thatkrazypup21 i think you do, right? Planning about buying one next year, for commuting and weekend travel (motocamping) and the occasional nomad travel. Been really in love with royal Enfields looks, specifically the Himalayan as a first bike (then later the interceptor, which I only hear good things where I live). Do you have any recommendation for me?

does anyone play FFXIV? I just resubbed, I'm in Lamia with a summoner/scholar character. If you're interested in playing together, let me know

To be honest, I'm more in need of a big ol naked cuddling than of dick

Hopefully 2021 is gentler

also second news of the week, I guess: I'm getting a prince albert. Not gonna show yall until after it's fully healed but should have it over the next two weeks

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got a nice little gift for myself: a custom made kilt! I'll post a few pictures once it arrives :)

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Is there such a thing like kinky knitting? Like, knitting something kinky? A friend wants to know

I'm _almost_ at the point where I can call myself a proper sourdough baker. These look good and taste good. I don't know yet why they're so flat looking, though

So how would one design a system of sorts where we can publish reviews from companies about work culture etc in a way that is auditable and that perhaps lends itself to a web of trust (assuming said web of trust is, well, a good thing in the first place)

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Hey friends,

Reminder that ✨ fat is beautiful.✨

You don't need to change.

You deserve to wink at yourself in the mirror and move through this world with confidence.

You are both soft and strong. What a perfect combination!

💙 😍 ✨ 🌟 😊

So I'll be building my own keyboard over the next few months. Currently I have a Cherry MX Brown and I don't like it very much. Can anyone recommend me alternative switches? I prefer tactile and non-clicky

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