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I will be starting the installation of v3.3.0 for every Mastodon server on

This is a big one 🤞

The downtime depends on the size of your database but I expect that for most instances it should around 1 minute.

You can read the change log here:

MHRise spoiler-ish 

Given the japanese theme of the game, it's a given Mizutsune is back. MH fans, which monsters would you like to see come back?

Also... are we going to hunt together sometime?

Manga readers, where do you go to read it? I'm assuming a free online reader? Digital? Physical? I was considering jujutsu kaisen and it's actually cheaper to buy physical rather than digital where I live, but the first edition is already out of print and folks are charging 5-7x it's regular price... And I don't want to own physical unless I own all of them :(

NSFW, lewd 

Here's me playing the first hour of Xenoblade chronicles

WW84 spoilers 

Didnt watch the movie yet. People who did, tell me the deets please! Im feeling it kinda sucks from what I'm reading here and there. Spare no detail

Has anyone here done chaturbate recently? For fun, not money. Been a year or so since I did and I woke up this morning feeling like going back to it

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Of all things 2020 gave me, I did not expect the Monster Hunter movie to get somewhat good reviews

Even the Polygon wrote nicely about it

Now I want to watch it fml

Turns out the body piercer never showed up. Back to square one, I guess, I'll look for another one

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... So. The body piercer is late and doesn't answer messages. Hmm.

Day 2: the cat seems bold enough to train torture tactics in front of her own masters. Looking Hella cute while she plots total takeover

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I will be starting the upgrade to v3.2.2 on all Mastodon servers on

There should be less than 30 seconds of downtime.

You can see changelog here:

Notice that the changes that I applied on v3.2.1 will also be enabled:

Any questions please let me know.

This cat was known by the condo staff for a few weeks now but I only met her this morning. Decided to take her in but haven't decided whether Ill keep her. I'm giving her food, shelter and I'll bring her to a vet but it'll likely be a temporary home

Selfie, showing a shirt 

Had this shirt for a while, and it now fits!

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So question for the fediverse. As a sex education show we've through about branching out into video.

Nothing explicit but frank enough that it would get us kicked off of YouTube.

Are there any peertube servers who would be a good fit for this?

#askfedi #askmasto #peertube

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Me and my boyfriends do a weekly video on YouTube, please check out my frumpy covid looks :)

Anyone here knows about motorcycles? @thatkrazypup21 i think you do, right? Planning about buying one next year, for commuting and weekend travel (motocamping) and the occasional nomad travel. Been really in love with royal Enfields looks, specifically the Himalayan as a first bike (then later the interceptor, which I only hear good things where I live). Do you have any recommendation for me?

does anyone play FFXIV? I just resubbed, I'm in Lamia with a summoner/scholar character. If you're interested in playing together, let me know

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